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FreeMiNT distributions derived from SpareMiNT.


EasyMiNT is a GEM based installer for SpareMiNT. It installs a folder system that is nearly conforming to the UNIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. It also installs many tools known from UNIX systems, so you get an system that is capable of doing the same things that can be done with other UNIX systems.

For installation you will need at least 2 partitions - one TOS partition (that's where the installation files/kernel/drivers are stored) - and one LNX partition. EasyMiNT will create the ext2 file system on the LNX partition and then install the distribution and selected software packages.

The EasyMiNT package claims to be compatible with XHDI disk drivers - but it has it's problems when installing EasyMiNT on an system that uses the CBHD hard disk driver (the installer always complaints about the missing LNX partition and aborts, probably of an bug in CBHD), it seems to work best with HDDriver. However, there is a woraround solution to this problem. The following procedure describes installation of EasyMiNT using CBHD driver:

  • Create an partition of type LNX or RAW.
  • Boot CrippleMint with ext2 support.
  • Create an ext2 filesystem on the LNX or RAW partition (You will need the tool mke2fs for that, available here).
  • Start EasyMiNT installer.
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