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SpareMiNT is FreeMiNT based on the RPM Package Manager (rpm). It is a repository of source- and binary packages using the RPM Package Manager (RPM).

FreeMiNT is a multitasking, multi-user, Un*x like operating system for the Atari 680x0 Computers Based on the MultiTOS/MiNT sources from Atari Computer Corp.

SpareMiNT is currently only available as an English language distribution. If you can assist with the change or improvement of this situation, please contact one of the site authors, the MiNT Mailing List, or Mark Duckworth (the current SpareMiNT distribution maintainer).

For those of you wishing to contribute to the distribution, a fully functioning SRPM package needs to be supplied complete with MiNT patches. If you are unsure as to what or how to contribute, see how to contribute and the waiting packages list

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