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This page lists the tasks to be considered for the next FreeMiNT / MiNTLib release.

The FreeMiNT 1.18 release is planned for early 2013.


Already done since previous release

  • Fix open("/") for tar (Bug #194) [alanh]
  • Fix EmuTOS / FreeMiNT initial key repeat [vriviere]
  • Fix the "make" assert bug [alanh]
  • Allow any UI language in the _AKP cookie [vriviere]
  • Remove MINTNP.PRG from MMU initialization failure message and deactivate memory protection if there is no PMMU present [mikro]
  • Console output: fix stairs effect [vriviere]
  • Fix Russia country code to match EmuTOS [hek]
  • Support for the FireBee (FireTOS and EmuTOS) [vriviere]
  • XaAES: Force the initial menu bar to the one specified by "focus=" [hek]
  • Provide sane clwtna defaults for all applications [hek]
  • On plain TOS, stat() succeeds on non-existent path terminated by a backslash (Bug #191) [alanh]
  • Fix startup copyright banners [alanh]
  • mintv4e.prg: Add FPU support in context switch [vriviere]
  • Use FireTOS internal PureC patcher [joska]
  • Use Left Shift to enter the FreeMiNT menu on ARAnyM [alanh]
  • Fix XaAES for EmuTOS and GEM=ROM [vriviere]
  • Fix reentrant_trap for ColdFire FPU [vriviere]
  • background-jobs cause a shell in toswin2 to exit when they finish and no keystroke was done since they started [1]
  • Fix wrong XaAES logo colors in ARAnyM/fVDI [hek]

Will be done for the release

May be done for the release

Will be done after the release

  • Rework the Makefiles to build everything for each architecture [alanh]
  • Remove static dependencies from kernel modules to libkern [vriviere]
  • Fix compilation with GCC 4.7 [vriviere]
  • FreeMiNT over EmuTOS for non-Atari hardware (ColdFire evaluation boards, Amiga) [vriviere]
  • Fix INET4 invalid TCP checksum (if there is really a bug) [vriviere]
  • kbdvecs: Allow keystroke simulation for VNC server [vriviere]
  • Add Bconmap() support for EmuTOS and FireTOS [vriviere]
  • Option in mint.cnf to specify what to do when the INIT process exits: reboot, halt or poweroff
  • Language-detection in MiNT is performed during keyboard-layout-detection. These should be separated. [hek]
  • Make fec.xif compatible with EmuTOS for ColdFire

Will not be done

  • TosWin2: Auto-open the Console window on text output (if previously closed, not iconified)
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