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External links

  • tos.hyp - Extensive online system and programming docs for all TOS/GEM compatible operating systems.
  • AHCC hyp - made web browsable by libhyp
  • Atari Document Archive - many documents for hardware, software and programming (download only)
  • Bus Error - Atari 16/32 bit development info page, incl. minimised libc example (ie tiny binaries)
  • Wikipendium - Custom Wiki-like project with free content, intended to be a modern version of Atari Compendium, contains many references, contributors welcome.
  • Atari Compendium - The original Atari ST programming bible (Revision 4) (ALL deleted about 22nd May 2012).
  • Atari Compendium - Atari Compendium(tm) CD ROM - Jan 12, 1996 (unknown revision) at
  • libhyp - makes .HYP or the first one found in an archive (.ZIP, .LZH), web browsable (and searchable)
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