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The sources for FreeMiNT can be checked out from the CVS repository.


Binary downloads

These archives contains all files necessary to install FreeMiNT/XaAES as described in the installation guide.

Current Stable Version

The current stable version is FreeMiNT 1.18.0.

Development Downloads

The following are a list of currently available development builds of MiNT and/or XaAES. For testing purposes it is suggested that you use either hardware set aside for that purpose, or an ARAnyM/AFROS setup.

Current CVS Version

If you want to use a MiNT kernel or XaAES with the latest fixes, or just want to try out some of the new features, you can do so with the nightly builds from the CVS, which contains the most recent changes. Be aware that these versions are development builds of work in progress and as such can be unstable or contain bugs, which is why they are often referred to as "Bleeding Edge" versions.

Special builds/versions

Vincent Riviere currently maintains a ColdFire-build of FreeMiNT. It only differs from the official build by building all binaries for the ColdFire CPU. You can find it here.

Independent distributions


A very minimal distribution that fits on a single floppy.


A simple GEM-oriented MiNT-distribution for the Falcon and TT. Easy to install and setup. Networking with DHCP and a GEM-based configuration tool.


FreeMiNT based operating system optimized for ARAnyM.

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