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The FreeMiNT CVS repository contains the following projects:

  • FreeMiNT/XaAES - the kernel and AES.
  • Libraries
    • mintlib - MiNT's "libc".
    • FDLIBM - MiNT's "libm".
    • GEMlib - AES and VDI bindings.
    • GEMma - GEM dialog library as shared library (SLB).
    • CFLib - GEM dialog library/toolkit.
  • Tools
    • mintbin - MiNT helper tools; mainly outdated (not needed anymore) but two of them are still valid: stack and flags.
    • Phoenix - relational database.
    • qed - text editor.
    • Smurf - image processing.
    • vlogin - graphical login for MiNTOS. Incomplete and apparently abandoned.
    • xg - X-server for MiNT. Runs X-applications in GEM windows.

How to access the CVS

With anonymous CVS access you can get or update the current FreeMiNT branch, or you can trace down any change or checkout old versions of any file.

If you would like to help develop FreeMiNT, you can get write access to the CVS repository and then you are able to commit changes directly to the current FreeMiNT branch.

How to access the CVS repository:

  • You need a computer with an installed cvs version
  • You need online internet access to the FreeMiNT CVS server

The CVS server is accessed through the "pserver" method. Best take a look into the CVS online manual for more informations.

Now open a shell and type:

 cvs login
# (Logging in to
# CVS password:

Now type 'cvsanon' as password. If all is ok you get a prompt without any additional message. If something goes wrong you get an error message.

Now you can checkout a working copy of the current FreeMiNT branch with:

cvs checkout freemint

or update an older working copy with:

cvs update -d -P

If you want to checkout the 1.16 branch just type:

cvs co -r branch-1_16 -d branch-1.16 freemint

For more informations please look first at the CVS online manual.

Browse the CVS repository

The CVS repository can be browsed online.

Automated ChangeLogs and Statistics

Complete GNU style ChangeLog (auto generated from cvs2cl every day):

CVS statistics of the repository (auto generated from every day):


Whole SpareMiNT website is placed in CVS so you can make use patch and diff tools for making changes and send them to FreeMiNT mailing list.

How to access the CVS

# When prompted, enter: cvsanon
cvs -z5 login
cvs -z5 co sparemint

Browse the CVS repository

The CVS repository can be browsed online.

CVS mailing list

There is a CVS mailing list available. Subscribe to this list if you want to be notified when the CVS repository is updated.

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